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What’s new in WordPress 5.6 – Top 10 Points

WordPress has recently launched its new version which is WordPress 5.6 with a lot of new features and design. This article will be about the major changes that occur in this version of WordPress. 

1. Auto-updates for Important Releases

With each new edition, WordPress has found something that could help WordPress websites to have more functions. One such attribute was automatic upgrades. The prior models introduced auto-updates for small releases but using WordPress 5.6users may also opt to perform the same for significant releases. 

2. New Version of Default theme “Twenty Twenty-One”

The WordPress users were much excited about the default theme “Twenty Twenty-One”, especially when using the previously WordPress 5.5.

Minimalist in design, visually attractive concerning aesthetics, and extremely customizable in use is exactly what this default topic is about! Twenty Twenty-One includes assorted items like two menu places: Main navigation and Footer navigation, one-column design, and a footer sidebar.

A plain contrast to Twenty’s daring and vivid color palette, this theme is thicker and more pastel-oriented. Using it, you can personalize the theme by simply changing the background color from a selection of light colors. The text color will automatically adjust based on the background color. The built-in color combos would appear something similar to those –

3. Block Editor Changes

Throughout distinct WordPress variations, many improvements are made to the Gutenberg block editor. WordPress 5.6 brings with it a few exciting changes to the editor. Let us take a peek at them.

WordPress’s new Gutenberg is more amazing than previously as it requires less coding and short codes. Moreover, it offers more customization than any other block editor. 

4. Video Blocks

Using WordPress 5.6, now you can place the video position within the block. What exactly does is enable you to decide on the ‘focal point’ in the video which will be its customized position. With the support of this left-handed Picker or the right and left arrow keys, then it is easy to place the video’s position! You will discover more about it here.

5. Enhancements to the cube patterns

Under the Insert New Block button, you’ll come to realize the routines panel, which now lets you change classes between distinct patterns. It is an easy block layout group dropdown that produces the procedure for discovering your routines simpler.

6. Support for PHP 8

Among the greatest upgrades of PHP language is that of the launch of PHP 8.0. This release comes packaged with various enhancements and new features that range over marriage types, fit saying, termed arguments- just to list a couple. And also, what WordPress 5.6 has done is supply better service for PHP 8. It intends to function as ‘beta harmonious’ using PHP 8. It is possible to anticipate this support to have the ability to help you find out the issues arising through the transition procedure into PHP 8. Additionally, it usually means that a website utilizing WordPress 5.6 on PHP 8 having a default theme without plugins will probably be unlikely to handle any difficulty.

7. Support for PHP 8 applications 

WordPress is written mostly using the PHP programming language. Exactly like WordPress, PHP also releases new variants to boost performance, add features, and repair bugs.

They had been expected to launch PHP on 8 November 26 nearer to the launch of WordPress 5.6. The center group planned and worked tirelessly to capture and correct some known compatibility problems with PHP 8.

This will guarantee that consumers that update to the most recent PHP version won’t face any significant troubles. But, plugin and theme developers might still check their code to get compatibility.

8. Program Passwords for REST API

The REST API on WordPress enables developers to communicate using a site Beyond the WordPress installation.

To keep it secure, WordPress utilized biscuits and nonce keys to make sure that only valid users may get the API. For programmers, these approaches weren’t too effective to operate with.

WordPress 5.6 enables developers to utilize program passwords from WordPress. The same as popular programs Facebook and Google, the consumers are now able to give programs access to their site and handle it in your Users” Profile webpage. Users may even reverse a program’s access at any moment.

9. Lots of Gutenberg upgrades

We are big fans of this block editor, but we understand that there are still many naysayers out there. Fortunately, that the Gutenberg staff keeps chugging along and set out amazing releases following good releases. In WordPress 5.6, you will come across the outcomes of none or two Gutenberg upgrades — but not as seven releases. One of several things, you are going to discover enhanced support for movie placement in cover cubes, improvements to the block routines, improved dropping and dragging of cubes, enhanced keyboard navigation, and et cetera. It includes many accessibility and performance improvements too.

10. Support for Video Subtitles

To assist you include subtitles or captions for your videos, now you can upload them inside your page or post to your movie block. That makes it simpler than ever to create your videos available for anybody who wants or wants to use subtitles.

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